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Life can get pretty busy and sometimes the thought of cooking can feel overwhelming – especially when there is just one of you and it seems like every recipe is for four or more people. Food can often go to waste, and that is enough to have you reaching for a takeout menu. Fortunately, making a single serving or small batch recipe that you want to enjoy for a specific meal takes less time, and gives you the freedom to change things up every day and not accumulate a lot of leftovers.

We’ve gathered a collection of articles and single serving recipe roundups helpful for those who are cooking for one. These articles include Cooking For One Kitchen Essentials, How To Cook Small Meals In A Large Slow Cooker, and recipe roundups such as Easy Dinner Ideas For One, Single Serving Meal Plans, and many more.

four photos of meatless recipes in a grid.

Single Serving Meatless Recipes

Cooking for one and looking for single serving meatless recipes? Look no further, here are over 20 single serving meatless meals that are perfect for Lent or anytime of the year. You'll find pasta recipes, vegetarian recipes, main dish salads and wonderful seafood dishes. All in single serving sizes.

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a picture of strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip cookie, a cupcake and vanilla pudding.

Single Serving Dessert Recipes

Easy dessert recipes that are tailored for one serving. These incredible single serving desserts are to be enjoyed at the end of dinner or as a guilty pleasure anytime! These recipes are hard to resist! Cakes, pies, cookies, puddings and many more.

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four photos: chicken fajitas in a blue plate, a bowl of pico de gallo, a yellow dish of macaroni and cheese, and a pita pizza topped with avocado slices

Game Day Recipes For One

Game Day Recipes For One - Over 20 of the best single serving and small batch recipes that are perfect to enjoy on any game day! From wings to dips to desserts, you'll find everything you need to enjoy watching the big game.

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carrot soup, shrimp creole, chicken cacciatore,and catfish

Healthy Single Serving Meals

Eight healthy, home cooked single serving meals for when you are trying to eat light or just want an alternative to eating out. Each of these easy recipes are ideal for lunch or dinner when you are cooking for one. These recipes are big in flavor and best of all, no leftovers!

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four pictures in a college of small batch gifts to give at Christmas.

Best Homemade Food Gifts

Our list of the best homemade food gifts for Christmas or for anytime. These gifts from the kitchen make perfect gifts for coworkers, for a friend who is ill, and for new mothers. These edible gifts are ideal to use anytime you need to bring a little something special to someone you care about.

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four pictures of different kinds of christmas cookies

Small Batch Christmas Cookie Recipes

Over 10 of The Best Cookie Recipes For One, these single serving and small batch cookie recipes are all reader tested, approved, and loved by many. From chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies to fun, specialty cookies, you're sure to find many new small batch cookie recipes to try.

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Four pictures of bowls of different types of soup.

Best Soup Recipes For One

We've rounded up our best soup recipes for one! Each of these soup recipes for one are easy to make, incredibly delicious, and will serve one or maybe two people. These soups are pure comfort in a bowl! From a French Onion Soup recipe to a Broccoli Cheddar Soup recipe, you sure to find a few favorites.

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Apple Recipes For One

The Best Apple Recipes For One! One or two apples are all you need to make any of these delightful apple recipes. From savory to sweet, you're sure to find a few new apple recipes to love. Easy single serving and small batch apple recipes!

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ground beef recipes

Easy Ground Beef Recipes

Our best easy ground beef recipes all in single serving portions! From hearty meatloaf to classic lasagna, here are our most popular simple ground beef recipes for one.

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pictures of meals made with beans | one dish kitchen

Simple Canned Bean Recipes

Over 10 easy, tasty and budget-friendly recipes made with canned beans. These recipes are perfect for meal planning! You'll have less waste with these fantastic single serving recipes.

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14 day isolation meal plan | one dish kitchen

14 Day Single Serving Meal Plan

With this 14 day meal planner with grocery list, you can still enjoy delicious home cooked meals. These single serving recipes are perfect to use if you are stuck at home while you self quarantine or because you are now working from home.

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