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If you’re wondering what to do with egg whites, you’re in the right place! We’ve got a fantastic selection of recipes that use one egg white and some that use two egg whites. These recipes are perfect for small servings or a few people.

These recipes are not just tasty; they’re also a great way to reduce waste. No more throwing away those extra egg whites! Instead, get ready to enjoy some amazing dishes that are just the right size. Let’s explore these egg white recipes and turn those leftovers into something special!

Over the years, we’ve specialized in creating small batch recipes that often call for just an egg yolk in baked goods. Being committed to minimizing waste, we’ve also designed a variety of recipes specifically tailored for using up leftover egg whites. This approach not only maximizes ingredient use but also offers a delightful range of dishes that are perfect for smaller servings.

Why Egg Whites And Not The Whole Egg?

One question that comes up frequently is, “Why not use the entire egg?” To answer that, let’s delve into the roles that different parts of the egg play in baking.

Egg whites primarily consist of water and proteins, whereas the yolks are where you’ll find all the fat, vitamins, and minerals. Baking with just the yolk yields richer and more tender results compared to using a whole egg. In our specialized small batch and single serving recipes, we’ve noticed that incorporating the whole egg can drastically change both the texture and flavor of the dish.

Egg whites offer their own unique benefits. They can be whipped into a stable foam that, when folded into a batter, acts as a leavening agent, making your baked goods lighter. So, don’t throw away those leftover egg whites! Instead, scroll down to explore our curated list of egg white recipes.

three meringue cookies on a doily on top of a white plate next to a beige napkin and eggs.

How To Store Leftover Egg Whites

When it comes to storing extra egg whites, a few rules apply for optimal freshness. First, keep them in an airtight container in the fridge and use them within three days. If you’re not planning on using them that soon, you can freeze them. Simply transfer the whites to a freezer-safe container, label it with the date, and store for up to three months. To thaw, just move the frozen egg whites to the fridge overnight.

Egg White Recipes

three meringue cookies on a doily on top of a white plate next to a beige napkin and eggs.

Small Batch Meringue Cookies

4.90 from 28 votes
Create delightful meringue cookies with this easy small batch recipe using just one egg white! Perfect for a quick, light, and crisp sweet treat.
Small Batch Meringue Cookies Recipe
a small slice of texas sheet cake on a white plate next to a mini baking dish containing the remaining cake

Mini Texas Sheet Cake

4.98 from 47 votes
This is the best Texas sheet cake recipe! An incredibly moist chocolate cake baked in a mini baking dish and topped with a warm chocolate topping. Easy to make and the perfect amount to serve one or two people.
Mini Texas Sheet Cake Recipe
a brown coconut bowl filled with coconut macaroons.

Small Batch Coconut Macaroons

5 from 25 votes
The best small batch coconut macaroons recipe! These coconut-filled cookies are soft and chewy in the center and perfectly crispy around the edges. They're gluten-free and dairy-free and they bake in just 15 minutes!
Coconut Macaroons Recipe
two flourless chocolate cookies on a green plate

Small Batch Flourless Chocolate Cookies

4.93 from 27 votes
These Small Batch Flourless Chocolate Pecan Cookies are THE BEST chocolate cookies! No flour, no butter, no oil needed. They're fudge-like, rich, chewy and easy to make too! Made with cocoa powder, powdered sugar and chopped pecans. This small batch recipe yields 5-6 delicious chocolate pecan cookies. The perfect amount for one or two people!
Flourless Chocolate Cookies Recipe
one vanilla cupcake topped with buttercream frosting and sprinkles on a green plate.

Small Batch Vanilla Cupcakes

4.86 from 27 votes
Enjoy two homemade vanilla cupcakes with this easy small batch vanilla cupcake recipe. Delightful, melt-in-your-mouth texture with rich buttercream frosting.
Two Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe
a chocolate flourless cake topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake

5 from 26 votes
A decadent, gluten-free, mini flourless chocolate cake that's made with both chocolate and cocoa. Super rich, very easy to make, and the perfect size for one or two people.
Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe
two chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a light coating of coarse salt grains.

Small Batch Chocolate Cupcakes

4.93 from 14 votes
Enjoy our recipe for two Chocolate Cupcakes: moist, rich, and perfectly portioned with decadent frosting. Ideal for satisfying chocolate cravings.
Two Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe
a mini pavlova topped with fresh fruit on a white plate next to a cream napkin

One Mini Pavlova

5 from 10 votes
A delightful mini pavlova using just one egg white! Savor a light, elegant dessert that's simple to make and perfect for one or two people to enjoy.
Mini Pavlova Recipe
a small white cake on a white plate topped with colored sprinkles next to a ramekin

White Cake For One

5 from 4 votes
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this easy White Cake recipe. Indulge in a moist, tender, and vanilla flavored treat just for you or to share!
Mini White Cake Recipe

Creative Uses For Egg Whites

What are some other inventive ways to make use of those extra egg whites? For a protein-boosted scramble, whisk an egg white or two into your regular eggs—this increases volume without adding many calories. You can also create an egg wash for a golden shine on your baked goods. This acts as a natural adhesive; just beat the egg white and mix it with a teaspoon of water before brushing it onto your dough. If seeds are your thing, this wash will help them stick to your baked creations. And let’s not forget meringue! A fluffy egg white topping takes desserts like lemon pie to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most effective way to crack an egg?

To crack an egg without getting shell fragments in your dish, opt for a flat surface like a countertop rather than the edge of a bowl. Start by giving the egg a firm but gentle tap on the surface. Then, while holding the egg above a bowl, use your thumbs to widen the crack. Gently pull the two halves apart, allowing the egg to slide into the bowl.

How can I separate the egg yolk from the egg white?

There are a couple of foolproof methods to separate an egg yolk from its white:
Method 1: Crack the egg, letting the yolk rest in your clean palm while the egg white flows through your slightly parted fingers into a bowl. Place the yolk in a separate bowl.
Method 2: After cracking the egg, gently open the two halves over a bowl. Let the yolk settle in one shell half while the egg white falls into the bowl. Transfer the yolk between the shell halves, allowing the remaining egg white to fall into the bowl.

What do I do if the eggshell breaks while separating the yolk and white?

In case of a broken shell, proceed cautiously to separate the yolk from the white. First, try to expand the existing crack or create a second, larger one. Pour the egg’s entire contents into a bowl, then use a slotted spoon to carefully lift out the yolk.

Can I use an egg separator tool?

Yes, an egg separator tool can be a convenient way to separate the yolk from the white. Simply crack the egg into the separator, and it will hold back the yolk while allowing the white to flow through into a bowl below.

How long can I store separated egg whites?

Stored properly in an airtight container, raw egg whites can last in the refrigerator for up to three days. For longer storage, they can be frozen for up to three months.

Can I freeze leftover egg whites?

Absolutely, freezing is a great option for preserving leftover egg whites. Transfer them to a freezer-safe container, label it with the date, and store for up to three months.

Tips For Effectively Separating Egg Whites From Yolks

  • Opt for Chilled Eggs: Eggs that are cold from the fridge are easier to separate, as the yolks hold their shape better.
  • Start With Clean Hands: Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly both before and after you separate eggs to ensure cleanliness.
  • Handle Broken Eggshells with Care: If you’re dealing with a broken shell, proceed cautiously to avoid getting shell fragments in your egg white or yolk.
  • Use Fresh Eggs: Fresher eggs separate more cleanly, as the yolk is less likely to break.
  • Check Your Bowls: Ensure the bowls you use are clean and dry; even a small amount of grease can affect your recipe.
  • Double-Check for Shell Bits: Always give your separated egg whites a quick visual scan for any tiny bits of shell that may have slipped in.

By following these tips, you’re sure to master the art of separating eggs, making your single serving and small batch recipes even more flawless.

a small lemon meringue pie on a silver tray next to fresh lemons.

The Best Containers For Storing Separated Eggs

When it comes to storing separated egg whites or yolks, the container you choose can make all the difference. Airtight containers are your best bet for fridge storage; they keep out odors and maintain freshness. If you’re planning to freeze your egg whites for later use, opt for freezer-safe containers. Always remember to label these containers with the date to keep track of freshness.

In wrapping up, we hope this guide empowers you to make the most out of your leftover egg whites. From understanding the science behind eggs in baking to storing them efficiently and even finding substitutes, we’ve got you covered. So, the next time you find yourself with extra egg whites, don’t let them go to waste. Transform them into scrumptious small batch and single serving dishes that will not only satisfy your cravings but also elevate your cooking skills.

Have a few egg yolks hanging around? Here are a few of our single serving and small batch recipes that call for using only the egg yolk include our small batch Cream Scones, Molasses Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Banana Bread.

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