Leftover Ingredients Recipe Finder

Not sure how to use leftover ingredients or pantry items? Our recipe search tool specializes in single serving and small batch recipes that you can make from ingredients you already have. If you are cooking for one, say goodbye to waste and hello to delicious dishes made just for you. Time to get creative in the kitchen!

How to Use the Recipe Finder

1) Find the bar that says “SELECT INGREDIENTS” and click on it.
2) You can scroll down to see lots of ingredients, or just type in the one you’re looking for.
3) When you see the ingredient you have, click the little box next to it. Then, you’ll see recipes show up below that use that ingredient.
4) You can click on any recipe that looks good, or keep choosing more ingredients to find the perfect one for you.
5) If you can’t find a recipe you like, no worries! You can unclick an ingredient to see more recipes, or hit the button that says “Reset Ingredient Filters” to start over.

It’s super easy and a fun way to find recipes you can make with what you’ve got!