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Easy Dinner Ideas - Meal Planning For One - Week 3

Weekly meal planning for one? You’ll love the easy weekly meal plans found in our Meal Planning For One series. This is the third post of the meal planning for one series.  You will find dinner ideas for the week including single-serving recipes, grocery lists and cooking tips. Perfect for anyone cooking for one, caregivers, and empty nesters.

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Welcome to week 3 of our new Meal Planning For One series. We have received a lot of great feedback from our single serving Meal Plans and hope you enjoy the easy dinner ideas we have featured in this week 3 installment.

A person cooking for only themselves may often find that it isn’t always easy to reduce a recipe. The thought of doing that every day or deciding what to cook each evening for dinner, without repetition can be a daunting task. We hope to take some of the pressure off with this “Cooking For One Meal Plan”.  

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Along with the meal plan, you will also find a grocery list (see link at the bottom of this page to download the list – pdf document) which will include all of the ingredients you will need to make the 5 or more recipes each week.

If you choose not to make all of the recipes on the meal plan, no worries. Just cross those items off of your grocery list.

These plans are designed for people who live on their own, a parent who wants to indulge themselves while their kids have their favorites, couples that can’t agree on what they want for dinner or caregivers providing meals to a parent or friend.

For now, the weekly meal plan will be posted every two weeks. It will feature a recipe for Monday through Friday, a detailed grocery list and a bonus recipe and cooking tips.

Meal Plan

Tuna Casserole For One

Delicious Tuna Casserole For One made with a noodles plus rich and creamy homemade sauce. The ultimate single serving comfort food!
Check out this recipe
Tuna Noodle Casserole

Beef and Cheese Pita Pizza

Small Beef and Cheese Pita Pizza that is perfect for one person. Whole wheat pita bread topped with smoked gouda and flavorful ground beef, chopped peppers, onions and garlic.
Check out this recipe
Cooked Ground Beef with Cheese and Sliced Avocados served on Pita bread pizza crust

Mediterranean Chicken

Mediterranean chicken made with artichokes, Kalamata olives, red onions, and feta cheese. Incredible flavors, easy to make, and healthy too.
Check out this recipe
Skillet Chicken With Artichokes For One

Broccoli Cheddar Soup For One

Creamy, extra cheesy Broccoli Cheddar Soup loaded with broccoli. Easy to make single serving soup recipe cooks in just 30 minutes!
Check out this recipe
Broccoli Cheddar Soup For One | One Dish Kitchen

Shrimp Fettuccine For One

This wonderful Shrimp Fettuccine is a flavorful, easy meal that cooks in just 20 minutes! Shrimp cooked in garlic, then tossed with buttery fettuccine. Healthy, hearty and the perfect amount for anyone cooking for one.
Check out this recipe
Shrimp Fettuccine For One | One Dish Kitchen

Bonus Recipe

Apple Crisp For One

Apple Crisp For One! One apple baked in brown sugar, cinnamon and butter underneath an oat free, buttery topping. The perfect size for a perfect dessert!
Check out this recipe
Apple Crisp with whipped cream on top served in a white ramekin

We hope you enjoy this single serving meal plan, you might also like our other Meal Plans.

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Grocery List

Click here to download the grocery list (printable pdf document)

meal plan week 3 grocery list

Meal Planning Tips

  • Cheese can be expensive. If you'd like, only purchase one type of cheese for the recipes this week. 

Smoked Gouda is an ingredient that is recommended in Tuesday's pizza. However, feel free to use shredded Cheddar instead. You will be using shredded Cheddar in the tuna casserole and in the broccoli cheese soup.

  • For Thursday's Chicken with Artichokes, if you'd prefer using black olives instead of the recommended Kalamata Olives, feel free to make the swap.
  • I like to keep a bag of individually quick frozen shrimp in my freezer, that way I always have it on hand to make quick and easy dinners like the fettuccine with shrimp (Friday's recipe).
  • Be sure to check your pantry for spices and items used in meals from previous weeks. This way you won't need to buy what you may already have.
  • If you find that you have some ingredients left over and won't need them for other recipes this week, such as red peppers, olives, onions, cheese, etc. - use them as salad toppings or to mix in with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

For more information on the cooking and baking dishes I use in our “recipes for one”, please visit our FAQ page.

For examples of the dishes used at One Dish Kitchen, please visit our Store page.

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  1. Okay this probably is a stupid question but when you say have two small onions for 2 or more days does that mean 2 small onions for each of those days? Thank you!

  2. Marlynn | UrbanBlissLife

    Love it! It can be hard making the correct portions when you just want to make yourself something! These all look so yummy!

  3. Oh my goodness, Joanie! Your delicious meal plan looks like it was created just for me! This week my siblings and I are helping out my parents after a surgery. So we’re looking for meal recipes we can make for just two people. Yours are fabulous. And I appreciate the grocery list too! Thanks a million.

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