Single Serving Dessert Recipes

Craving something sweet? Over 100 incredible, sweet and delicious single serving dessert recipes. Each dessert recipe for one is tailored to provide all the flavors you desire but without waste or leftovers.
Treating yourself to a great dessert is an indulgence that you deserve. Whether you are looking for a great way to finish a meal or satisfying a craving for something sweet, a dessert is a pleasure that you give to yourself. From the time you decide to make your dessert to when you finish the last spoonful, you have that feeling of pleasure.


Easy Small Batch Donut Holes

This wonderful donut recipe yields 6 cinnamon sugar donut holes. Easy to make and no yeast needed! This small batch recipe is ideal for satisfying a donut craving. These homemade donut holes can be ready in minutes, no rolling required.

oatmeal cookies - small batch | One Dish Kitchen

Small Batch Oatmeal Cookies

This is the best oatmeal cookie recipe! This small batch of soft oatmeal cookies are ones you’ll want to keep in your cookie jar. Filled with oats and raisins, these cookies are buttery and crisp around the edges and soft and chewy in the centers. Better than Grandma’s!

Small Batch Sugar Cookies | One Dish Kitchen

Small Batch of Sugar Cookies

This is the best sugar cookie recipe! This small batch recipe is definitely one for your recipe box. These soft, lofthouse style sugar cookies melt in your mouth and are topped with a rich buttercream frosting. 

Small Batch Flourless Chocolate Pecan Cookies | One Dish Kitchen

Small Batch Flourless Chocolate Cookies

These flourless Chocolate Pecan Cookies are amazing! Rich, chewy, fudge-like, and loaded with pecans. This easy to make small batch recipe yields 5-6 irresistible chocolate pecan cookies. Made with cocoa powder, powdered sugar & chopped pecans. No flour, no butter, no oil needed.

Small Batch Lace Cookies | One Dish Kitchen

Small Batch Lace Cookies

Lovely Florentine Lace Cookies – these delicate, crisp lace cookies are easy to make and incredibly delicious! These thin cookies are a holiday favorite and this small batch cookie recipe yields 4-5 cookies.

Gingerbread For One | One Dish Kitchen

Old Fashioned Gingerbread Recipe

This gingerbread recipe is perfect for the holidays or any time of the year! It’s a small batch recipe that delivers a perfectly spiced small loaf of gingerbread. So easy to make and the perfect amount to serve one or two people.

Microwave Fudge For One | One Dish Kitchen

Small Batch Microwave Fudge

This is the easiest Microwave Fudge Recipe! All you need are chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and chopped nuts to make this rich single serving dessert. Perfect for gift giving or to satisfy a chocolate craving.

Keto Fat Bombs | One Dish Kitchen

Easy Keto Fat Bombs – A Small Batch Recipe

Keto Fat Bombs – this small batch fat bombs recipe requires only a few ingredients! Cream cheese, cream, a low carb sweetener, vanilla, and cinnamon. Fat bombs taste just like mini crustless keto cheesecakes and are perfect for anyone following a ketogenic diet.

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie in Ramekin with spoon scooping out a bite

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie For One

This is the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe! Buttery, crisp edges and a warm, gooey center, this deep dish chocolate chip cookie can be baked in a ramekin and eaten with a spoon or baked on a cookie sheet. It’s so easy to make and is a delightful indulgent treat for one person.

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies | One Dish Kitchen

Pumpkin Cookies – A Small Batch Recipe

Pumpkin Cookies Recipe – these soft sugar cookies look just like mini pumpkin pies! A fun recipe for the holidays. Easy to make sugar cookies topped with an sweet, egg free pumpkin topping. An absolutely delicious small batch cookie recipe.

Small Batch Pumpkin Bars | One Dish Kitchen

Small Batch Pumpkin Bars

This is a wonderful small batch pumpkin bars recipe. Tender pumpkin bars topped with a rich and creamy cream cheese frosting. No need to make a big batch, this small batch recipe gives you the perfect amount to satisfy a sweet craving.

Apple Crisp with whipped cream on top served in a white ramekin

The Easiest Apple Crisp Recipe

This is the easiest, best tasting Apple Crisp recipe! One apple baked in brown sugar, cinnamon and butter underneath an oat free, buttery topping. It’s the perfect size for a perfect dessert!

Pecan Pie For One | one dish kitchen

Pecan Pie Recipe For One

This classic single serving pecan pie has all the flavors you love in a pecan pie. With a buttery shortbread crust and a rich, pecan filled filling, this wonderful dessert is perfect by itself or topped with whipped cream.

wonton ornaments

Fried Or Baked Wonton Ornaments

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these pretty Snowflake Ornaments made out of wonton wrappers! Grab a scissors and cut pretty designs in the wrappers, fry or bake, and dust with powdered sugar. Fun to make, delicious to eat or to decorate a tree or mantle.

Sugar Plums Recipe | One Dish Kitchen

Sugarplum Recipe

Small Batch Sugar Plum recipe – this festive treat is made with an assortment of dried fruits and nuts, chocolate chips, honey, and spices. These delightful little bites are so easy to make and are perfect to enjoy anytime of the year.

Apple Pie For One | One Dish Kitchen

Easy Apple Pie Recipe For One

A classic recipe for Homemade Apple Pie made with a flaky crust and one sweet juicy apple. This single serving apple pie recipe provides you with a scrumptious dessert without leftovers!

Two Ingredient Chocolate Cake For One | One Dish Kitchen | Game Day Recipes

Two Ingredient Chocolate Cake For One

This two ingredient chocolate cake recipe is truly amazing! Just an egg and melted chocolate are the only ingredients you need to make this decadent treat. This single serving flourless chocolate cake will crave your most intense chocolate craving and it’s so easy to make too!

Vanilla Cupcakes | One Dish Kitchen | Game Day Recipes

How To Make Two Vanilla Cupcakes + Video

Satisfy a cupcake craving with this perfect vanilla cupcake recipe that will give you 2 cupcakes! These delicious cupcakes have a lovely melt-in-your-mouth texture and are topped with a rich, indulgent buttercream frosting. One bowl and no fancy equipment needed. Can be made in a toaster oven or conventional oven.

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