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Experience our Oven Baked Single Serving Juicy Lucy – a cheese-stuffed burger delight. The ultimate comfort food, baked to perfection!

A juicy lucy burger dressed with lettuce and tomato cut in half with cheese dripping out of the center

Indulge in the simple pleasures of a classic American comfort food with our single serving Juicy Lucy recipe. This oven-baked, cheese-stuffed burger is both straightforward to prepare and satisfying to savor, offering an inviting introduction to the world of home cooking for one.

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What Is A Juicy Lucy?

A Juicy Lucy is a burger that’s famous for having the cheese cooked inside the meat, instead of on top. The result is a deliciously melty, gooey cheese core that is sure to delight.

The Origin And History Of The Juicy Lucy

The Juicy Lucy hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where two rival bars, Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 Club, both claim to have invented this mouth-watering creation. Regardless of its true origin, it’s a beloved staple of American cuisine.

A juicy lucy burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, and mayonnaise on a plate

Why This Recipe Works

  • Uncomplicated: This recipe uses basic ingredients and easy steps, making it ideal for beginners.
  • Quick to prepare: With a prep time of just 15 minutes, this meal is ready in no time.
  • Versatile: Can be customized with different cheeses and toppings.
  • Indulgent: Offers a fun twist on a traditional burger that’s an indulgent treat.

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Ingredient Notes

For this Juicy Lucy recipe, you will need:

  • 8-ounces of ground beef (approx. 225 grams) – Choose a blend with a bit of fat for juicier results.
  • 1/4 teaspoon burger seasoning – My favorite brands of burger seasoning include Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and McCormick Grill Mates Hamburger Seasoning. Burger seasoning can be found in the spice aisle of most grocery stores.
  • 1 slice of American cheese – Traditional Juicy Lucys use American cheese, but feel free to substitute your favorite melty cheese.

This is just an overview of the ingredients I used and why I used them. For the full recipe please scroll down to the recipe box at the bottom of the post.

How To Make A Juicy Lucy

The photos and instructions are here to help you visualize how to make a baked Juicy Lucy. See the recipe box below for ingredient amounts and full recipe instructions.

  1. Place the ground beef in a large bowl and mix in the seasoning.
  2. Divide the ground beef into two even balls.
  3. Flatten the two balls of ground beef into thin patties.
  4. Break up the cheese into squares and place them in the middle of one of the patties.
  5. Place the second patty on top of the first.
  6. Using your fingers, press the edges down to seal.
cheese in between two pieces of flattened ground beef patties formed to make a juicy lucy
  1. Place the burger into a very lightly greased baking dish and bake for 30 minutes.
a juicy lucy burger in a small square baking dish on a wooden counter
  1. Cover the burger and let it rest for at least 5 minutes. Then, place the patty on the bun bottom, top with pickles, a tomato slice, and lettuce if using and close with the bun top.
A close up of a juicy lucy cut in half and the cheese dripping from the center

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Cheese Should I Use In A Juicy Lucy?

You’ll want to use a cheese that melts very well. My top choice for this would have to be American cheese. In fact, that’s the type of cheese that is actually recommended by folks I’ve talked to.

That being said, I love using cheddar – I’ve also stuffed my burgers with blue cheese and smoked Gouda.

What Do You Put On A Juicy Lucy Burger?

I like to start with a lightly toasted bun. From there, the choice of topping is yours to make:
tomato slices

Can I Grill A Juicy Lucy Instead Of Baking?

Absolutely! Grilling adds a nice char and can enhance the flavor.

To grill a Juicy Lucy:
Grill, covered over direct, medium-high heat (375-425 degrees F) for 4-5 minutes per side. Place the burger on a plate, cover it, and let it rest for at least 5 minutes.

Can I Make This With Ground Turkey?

Yes, you can substitute ground turkey or chicken for a leaner option, but the cooking time may vary.

Expert Tips

  • Use ground beef that is refrigerator cold. It’s easier to shape the patty.
  • Cut the cheese you’re using into quarters, then arrange the pieces in an overlapping circle in the middle of the patty. Be sure to leave a 1/2-inch border around the edges. This will ensure that the cheese doesn’t leak out of the sides.
  • Be sure to seal the edges of your burger well to keep the cheese from leaking out while baking.
  • Don’t press the burger while baking; it squeezes out the juices and can cause the cheese to leak.

Serving Suggestions

Serve your Juicy Lucy on a bun with your favorite toppings and a side of fries or a salad for a complete meal. Enjoy this taste of Minnesota in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Other Ground Beef Recipes

When I make this Juicy Lucy recipe, I use a small 5-inch x 5-inch baking dish.

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Your Cooking For One Source
Because you’re worth it

Juicy Lucy For One

4.88 from 8 votes
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes
Total: 40 minutes
Servings: 1 serving
This is the best Juicy Lucy Burger recipe! A burger stuffed with cheese and "baked" in the oven. While the burger bakes, the cheese melts making the patty very juicy. This easy to make recipe is inspired by the famous Juicy Lucy burger, originating in Minneapolis.


  • 8 ounces ground beef I use Emeril's Burger Seasoning
  • ¼ teaspoon burger seasoning
  • 1 slice American cheese

Juicy Lucy Extras

  • 1 hamburger bun
  • Toppings: lettuce, tomato, pickles
  • Sauces: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard


  • Heat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
  • Mix the spice into the ground beef. Divide beef into two sections.
  • Form each section into two thin patties. Place the folded cheese on one of the patties, and place the second patty on top. Pinch the edges to seal.
  • Place the burger into a small, lightly greased baking dish. Place in the oven and bake for 30 minutes.
  • Remove the Juicy Lucy from the oven, cover and let it rest for five minutes.
  • Serve on a bun with your favorite toppings.


Expert Tips
  • Use ground beef that is refrigerator cold. It’s easier to shape the patty.
  • Cut the cheese you’re using into quarters, then arrange the pieces in an overlapping circle in the middle of the patty. Be sure to leave a 1/2-inch border around the edges. This will ensure that the cheese doesn’t leak out of the sides.
  • Pinch around the edges of the meat well to make sure the sides are completely closed.
  • If you’d like to grill your Juicy Lucy, grill it covered over direct, medium-high heat (375-425 degrees F) for 4-5 minutes per side. Place the burger on a plate, cover, and let it rest for at least 5 minutes.


Serving: 1burger, Calories: 480kcal, Carbohydrates: 22g, Protein: 57g, Fat: 20g, Saturated Fat: 9g, Cholesterol: 162mg, Sodium: 716mg, Potassium: 839mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 3g, Vitamin A: 200IU, Calcium: 314mg, Iron: 6.9mg

The information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.

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  1. I’ve made stuffed burgers kind of passion so I’d add a couple tips I’ve picked up:
    Instead of just cheese, leftover bits of bacon, chopped sauteed mushrooms, onion, a few roasted red peppers chopped from the jar, or some bits of jalapeno, basically anything you’ve got in your fridge.
    Then, most importantly, take all those bits of “stuff” and chunks of 8 different cheeses or whatever you’ve found……form them into a patty shape wrapped tightly in saran wrap, and freeze them first! That way they don’t ooze out of the burger right away.
    And I do prefer the grill or cast iron, but either way works.

  2. I’m wondering if you can get a caramelized crust on the burger by baking it vs grilling it? That crust is one of the really great aspects of eating a Juicy Lucy

  3. Hello!!!
    Fantastic recipe! I’ve never been able to make a burger before, this recipe has all the little instructions that people never give you. My mom and I have both learned to make our fave recipe at home now – many thanks to you,

  4. Aussie bbq time is here. I’m trying this on my baby Weber.
    Really enjoying your site. Cooking for one was really hard but not any more.

    1. Hi Betty,
      I haven’t tested this recipe using an air fryer so I can’t tell you how it will turn out. If you do try it in an air fryer, please let me know how it turns out. Thanks so much for writing!