Side Dish Recipes For One

Side dishes often remain in the shadows leaving the main dish to steal the spotlight. But truly, side dishes often make the meal.

Sometimes, it might be tempting to forgo any side dish altogether, assuming it will mean a lot of extra time spent in the kitchen when you just want to get to the eating part. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case!

This section offers many side dish recipes that are not only easy to make, but are also incredibly delicious. From favorites such as Mashed Potatoes and Corn Bread, to traditional holiday sides such as Sausage and Pine Nut Dressing and Cranberry Sauce, to unique takes on sides like Baked Beans and Rice Pilaf, you’ll discover single serving recipes that will go well with any meal. You can even make a side dish as a standalone snack or small meal if you aren’t as hungry.

brussels sprouts | one dish kitchen

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

The easiest and BEST roasted Brussels sprouts recipe! Brussels sprouts, sliced in half and drizzled with olive oil, salt, and pepper make the perfect side dish or healthy snack. Crispy, full of flavor, and so easy to make.

rice in a small dish on a brown placemat.

How To Bake Rice For One

Cook perfect rice every time with this simple oven baked rice recipe. Made with just a small amount of rice, water, butter, and salt. So easy to make! Baking is the secret to making perfect rice.

Homemade Baked French Fries Recipe | One Dish Kitchen | Game Day Recipes

Small Batch Baked French Fries

Thick cut homemade baked french fries recipe made with 1 russet potato and cooked in the oven. This small batch french fries recipe yields the perfect amount for one person. These baked french fries are crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and perfect for dipping in your favorite sauce.

baked brown rice in a square baking dish

How to Cook Brown Rice for One

Easy single serving recipe for oven baked brown rice. Baking brown rice in the oven is the best way to cook rice! The rice is cooked perfectly every time. This "recipe for one" is the perfect amount for anyone cooking for one person.

thanksgiving dressing | one dish kitchen

Sausage Dressing For One

This dressing recipe is the perfect one to use when planning your Thanksgiving meal or any meal! Soft sourdough bread is flavored with sausage, sage, onions, and toasted nuts. An incredibly flavorful side dish and the perfect amount if you're cooking for one or two.

Single Serving Sweet Potato Casserole from ZagLeft

Sweet Potato Casserole For One

This classic single serving Sweet Potato Casserole recipe can be made using cooked or canned sweet potatoes. Filled with spices, pecans, lightly sweetened with brown sugar and topped with marshmallows, this traditional sweet potato casserole is the perfect size for one!

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