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Life can get pretty busy and sometimes the thought of cooking can feel overwhelming – especially when there is just one of you and it seems like every recipe is for four or more people. Food can often go to waste, and that is enough to have you reaching for a takeout menu. Fortunately, making a single serving or small batch recipe that you want to enjoy for a specific meal takes less time, and gives you the freedom to change things up every day and not accumulate a lot of leftovers.

We’ve gathered a collection of articles and single serving recipe roundups helpful for those who are cooking for one. These articles include Cooking For One Kitchen Essentials, How To Cook Small Meals In A Large Slow Cooker, and recipe roundups such as Easy Dinner Ideas For One, Single Serving Meal Plans, and many more.

14 day isolation meal plan | one dish kitchen

14 Day Single Serving Meal Plan

With this 14 day meal planner with grocery list, you can still enjoy delicious home cooked meals. These single serving recipes are perfect to use if you are stuck at home while you self quarantine or because you are now working from home.

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comfort food

Single Serving Comfort Food Recipes

Over 10 easy single serving comfort food recipes. Here, we’ve gathered over 10 of our favorite and most popular single serving comfort food recipes that you’re sure to enjoy. You'll find quick recipes for Beef Stew, Tuna Casserole, Meatloaf, and more all in single serving and small batch portions.

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Pork Stir Fry Recipe for One

Easy Dinner Ideas For One

Answer the question of what to make for dinner with these easy dinner ideas for one. These single serving recipes are simple, satisfying, and perfect for anyone cooking for one.

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Pork Tenderloin | One Dish Kitchen

Empty Nest Recipes - Joy Of Cooking For Two

Eat healthier and avoid leftovers with these delicious empty nest recipes. These easy recipes are perfect for those cooking for two. This is the ultimate recipe list for empty nesters featuring over 50 main dish recipes, breakfast recipes, amazing side dish recipes, and even dessert recipes for two! So, light the candles, put on the music and bring back the joy of cooking for two!

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four berry recipes.

Best Single Serving Berry Recipes

Berry season is here and we've gathered our favorite single serving berry recipes. From cobblers to crisps, from small batch jams and sauces, to berry filled baked goods, you're sure to find a few wonderful new berry recipes to try.

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Strawberry Shortcake For One | One Dish Kitchen

The Best Single Serving Summer Recipes

It's time to indulge in all the freshness that summer has to offer and we've gathered 25 of the best single serving summer recipes! You'll find light and healthy main dish recipes, salads made with garden fresh vegetables, light and fresh desserts and so many more - all in single serving sizes!

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Slow Cooker Red Beans and RIce For One | One Dish Kitchen

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes For One

Our most popular slow cooker and Crock pot recipes for one! These easy recipes require minimal prep and no hassle. Here you will find flavorful slow cooker chicken recipes, tender beef recipes and many others. Keep mealtime simple with these fantastic single serving slow cooker recipes.

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Eight pictures of single serving Thanksgiving dishes.

Thanksgiving For One Recipes

Thanksgiving For One Recipes - Dining solo this Thanksgiving? You will love these wonderful Thanksgiving dinner menu ideas for one. These Thanksgiving for one recipe ideas include recipes for turkey, dressing, side dishes, and desserts. Perfect for one or two. Your complete Thanksgiving menu!

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adapting recipes to fit slow cooker | one dish kitchen

How To Cook Small Meals In A Large Slow Cooker

Cooking for one? We'll show you how to cook small meals in a large slow cooker by using an oven safe bowl. Plus, we're sharing several single serving slow cooker and Crock Pot recipes specially created to serve one person. No need to rush out to purchase a mini slow cooker, adapt your large slow cooker for small meals.

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slow cooker meatloaf | one dish kitchen

Slow Cooker Meatloaf For One

This Crockpot Meatloaf is tender and juicy and so easy to make! Made with onions, garlic, spices and topped with a sweet and tangy sauce. This simple recipe makes the perfect amount to serve one or two people. Included in the recipe are instructions for converting a large slow cooker into a single serving one.

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40 Easy Recipes For Busy College Students - simple single serving and small batch recipes that can be made in a dorm room or a small apartment kitchen. Tasty meals that can be made in a microwave, an oven, a toaster oven or a stove. No-bake recipes too! A great variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options. | One Dish Kitchen

Easy College Meals

Forty easy meals that are perfect for college students or anyone living on their own. These easy recipes can be prepared in a dorm room or a small apartment kitchen. They can be made in a microwave, an oven, a toaster oven or a stove. No-bake recipes too! A variety of wonderful homemade meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert options.

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