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We’ve gathered our easy single serving and Small Batch Christmas Cookie Recipes that have all been reader tested, approved, and loved by many. From chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies to fun, specialty cookies, you’re sure to find many new small batch cookie recipes to try.

four pictures of different kinds of christmas cookies

It’s hard to believe it’s December already and time to start baking Christmas cookies! Here we’ve gathered our most popular small batch Christmas cookie recipes for you to enjoy.

Sometimes you just need a cookie – not two dozen – just one, two, or maybe even a few more. These small batch and single serving cookie recipes are the absolute best! Each of these cookie recipes have been scaled down and tested and are guaranteed to make every cookie lover happy.

When you are cooking for one or two, you often don’t want to make a large batch of cookies. Sure you can keep the extra cookies in a cookie jar but really, who wants to eat the same cookies for weeks? Fresh, warm from the oven, homemade cookies are simply wonderful so why not make a single cookie or a small batch of cookies whenever you want.

Why These Recipes Work

  • All of these cookie recipes are easy to make and many are made with pantry staples.
  • They all bake quickly so you won’t have to wait long to satisfy a cookie craving!
  • These are all small batch recipes so you won’t be left with too many.
  • Within each Christmas cookie recipe post, we share ways that you can use up any leftover ingredients so there’s no waste!

Each of the easy Christmas cookie recipes are accessible by clicking the link for each recipe and then going to the bottom of the specific recipe’s page.

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four double chocolate chip cookies in a mini white loaf pan next to an orange napkin

Small Batch Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 from 10 votes
A small batch of rich, chewy double chocolate chip cookies filled with plenty of chocolate chunks. So easy to make and they can be ready in minutes!
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
one chocolate chip cookie on a silver tray next to a plate of four chocolate chip cookies

Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 from 13 votes
Bake 6 perfect chocolate chip cookies in just 20 minutes with this easy small batch recipe! Ideal for those craving homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
three ricotta cookies with a glaze on top of a white and blue plate

Small Batch Ricotta Cookies

5 from 6 votes
Sweet ricotta cookies are soft, cake-like cookies topped with an irresistible sugar glaze. These little tea cookies are so easy to make and this small batch recipe yields the perfect amount.
Ricotta Cookies Recipe
a spoon on the side of a deep dish chocolate chip cookie
4.89 from 107 votes
Enjoy a warm, gooey single serve chocolate chip cookie, freshly baked in a ramekin just for you. This deep dish cookie is perfect for sweet cravings!
Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie
a soft frosted sugar cookie on a white plate next to a white napkin

Small Batch Sugar Cookies

4.78 from 9 votes
The best small batch sugar cookies recipe! These soft, lofthouse style sugar cookies melt in your mouth and are topped with a rich buttercream frosting. 
Small Batch Sugar Cookies Recipe
Four soft ginger cookies on a plate next to a white napkin

Small Batch Ginger Cookies

4.87 from 15 votes
These big, soft ginger cookies are perfectly spiced and incredibly delicious. They have a melt in your mouth texture and are rolled in sugar before baking for a slight crunch. Easy to make, this small batch recipe yields 4 spectacular molasses ginger cookies.
Small Batch Ginger Cookies Recipe
a stack of 3 oatmeal raisin cookies on a black tray surrounded by raisins

Small Batch Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

4.83 from 17 votes
An easy recipe for a small batch of soft and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies. Filled with oats and plenty of raisins, these perfectly spiced cookies bake in just 10 minutes!
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Recipe
five florentine lace cookies stacked on a white plate next to a red napkin

Small Batch Lace Cookies

5 from 6 votes
Small Batch Lace Cookies Recipe – delicate, crispy oatmeal cookies that are easy to make and incredibly delicious! These thin cookies are a holiday favorite. This small batch lace cookies recipe yields 4-5 large cookies.
Small Batch Lace Cookies Recipe
a silver tray filled with big cowboy cookies next to an orange napkin

Small Batch Cowboy Cookies

4.80 from 49 votes
Cowboy Cookies, also known as Texas Governor's Mansion Cookies – these famous jumbo cookies are filled with oats, chocolate chips, pecans, and coconut and are spectacular! You'll love this half batch recipe for these soft and chewy cookies.
Small Batch Cowboy Cookies Recipe
shortbread cookies on plate

Small Batch Shortbread Cookies

5 from 15 votes
There’s something very special about shortbread cookies. The buttery flavor and light texture makes them the perfect cookie to enjoy with coffee or tea. An added bonus is that they require very few ingredients and can be baked rather quickly. We’ve taken a traditional shortbread cookie recipe and scaled down the ingredients so that the recipe will yield 3 perfect cookies. The addition of melted chocolate makes them even more special.
Shortbread Cookies Recipe
a slice of an oatmeal chocolate chip skillet cookie on a plate topped with whipped cream next to a red napkin
5 from 5 votes
Soft and chewy mini oatmeal chocolate chip skillet cookie baked in a small cast iron skillet. It's the perfect size for one or two people to enjoy!
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie
a butterscotch and oatmeal cookie baked in a skillet on top of a wooden trivet.
4.86 from 7 votes
This soft and chewy oatmeal butterscotch mini skillet cookie is made with butterscotch chips and oats, a classic combination! It's baked in a small cast iron skillet and is the perfect cookie for one or two people!
Oatmeal Butterscotch Skillet Cookie
a stack of oatmeal cookies on a plate next to a stick of butter and a jar of oats.

Small Batch Oatmeal Cookies

4.96 from 89 votes
Satisfy your cookie cravings fast with our perfect small batch oatmeal recipe! Bake chewy, delicious treats in no time and enjoy homemade goodness today.
Small Batch Oatmeal Cookies Recipe
Five peanut butter kiss cookies on a cooling rack on top of a wooden table

Small Batch Peanut Butter Blossoms

5 from 4 votes
If you're a fan of chocolate and peanut butter, you will absolutely love these Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies. They're also known as Peanut Butter Blossoms and they're heavenly. This small batch recipe will yield about 6 cookies.
Peanut Butter Blossoms Recipe
snickerdoodle cookies | one dish kitchen

Small Batch Snickerdoodles

4.86 from 27 votes
A classic snickerdoodle cookies recipe which will yield a small batch of snickerdoodles! Soft and buttery, these cookies are covered with cinnamon sugar and are so easy to make.
Small Batch Snickerdoodles Recipe
two flourless chocolate cookies on a green plate

Small Batch Flourless Chocolate Cookies

4.92 from 25 votes
These Small Batch Flourless Chocolate Pecan Cookies are THE BEST chocolate cookies! No flour, no butter, no oil needed. They're fudge-like, rich, chewy and easy to make too! Made with cocoa powder, powdered sugar and chopped pecans. This small batch recipe yields 5-6 delicious chocolate pecan cookies. The perfect amount for one or two people!
Flourless Chocolate Cookies Recipe
three meringue cookies on a doily on top of a white plate next to a beige napkin and eggs.

Small Batch Meringue Cookies

4.90 from 28 votes
This is a classic recipe for meringue cookies! This small batch cookie recipe will yield 5-6 melt in your mouth meringues. It's the perfect recipe to use when you have one egg white. Crispy on the outside and wonderfully chewy in the center, these meringues are irresistible!
Meringue Cookies Recipe
two chocolate cookies on a blue plate with a bowl of cookies in the background.

Small Batch Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

4.75 from 16 votes
This soft and chewy eggless chocolate chip cookies recipe is perfect for those with an egg allergy or if you're simply out of eggs. This delicious small batch recipe makes just a few cookies – great for satisfying a cookie craving!
Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies
a brown bowl filled with coconut macaroons

Small Batch Coconut Macaroons

5 from 22 votes
The best small batch coconut macaroons recipe! These coconut-filled cookies are soft and chewy in the center and perfectly crispy around the edges. They're gluten-free and dairy-free and they bake in just 15 minutes!
Coconut Macaroons Recipe
a plate with three doubletree chocolate chip cookies on it next to a bright pink napkin.

Small Batch Doubletree Cookies

4.93 from 14 votes
Small Batch DoubleTree Cookie Recipe – For the first time, DoubleTree Hotel has released their original chocolate chip cookie recipe and we've scaled down the ingredients to bring you a small batch version of these famous cookies !
Small Batch Doubletree Cookies
a plate of peanut butter cookies

Small Batch Peanut Butter Cookies

4.85 from 13 votes
These peanut butter cookies are soft, chewy, and totally irresistible! They're made with pantry staples and no chilling of the dough is required. Packed with peanut butter flavor, these cookies are so easy to make and can be ready in minutes.
Small Batch Peanut Butter Cookies
a mini peanut butter cookie in a small ramekin
4.81 from 26 votes
Soft, easy-to-make deep dish peanut butter cookie baked in a small ramekin or baking dish. You only need a few ingredients and a few minutes to make this single serving cookie recipe.
Deep Dish Peanut Butter Cookie
3 butter cookies dipped in chocolate on a white plate next to a pink napkin

Small Batch Butter Cookies

5 from 21 votes
An easy recipe for melt in your mouth butter cookies! These cookies are perfectly sweet with slightly crisp edges. They can be enjoyed simply or topped with nuts or dipped in chocolate. Such a versatile recipe.
Small Batch Butter Cookies Recipe
four ladyfingers in a glass jar.

Small Batch Ladyfingers

4 from 1 vote
Ladyfingers are light and airy sweet biscuits that are often used in desserts such as tiramisu but are also lovely little cookies to enjoy with coffee or tea. This easy ladyfingers recipe calls for just 4 ingredients!
Small Batch Ladyfingers Recipe
three molasses cookies on a white plate next to Christmas greenery and a red napkin on a silver tray

Small Batch Molasses Cookies

5 from 4 votes
A small batch of soft molasses cookies that are perfectly spiced with cinnamon and ginger. Perfect for the holidays or any time of the year.
Small Batch Molasses Cookies

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Expert Tips

  • Measure flour correctly. To measure flour correctly, use a spoon to scoop flour into a measuring cup made for dry ingredients and slightly overfill it. Then, use the back of a knife or other straight-edged utensil to level the flour across the cup. Do not scoop the flour. When you scoop, the flour gets packed too tightly and you will end up with more flour than the recipe calls for.
  • Use a baking mat or parchment paper to line your cookie sheet. I don’t recommend coating your baking sheet with butter or oil spray because it creates an overly greasy sheet that will make your cookies spread.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Soften Butter?

The best way to soften your butter is to put it out on the kitchen counter for a half hour before you want to use it. Another way to quickly soften butter is to put the cold butter in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. If you use this method, be sure to watch carefully – you don’t want the butter to melt at all.

Do I Need To Sift Flour When Baking Cookies?

Not for any of our small batch cookies. However, measuring flour accurately is critical to the success of your cookies. Use the spoon and level method described in the “Expert Tips” section if you do not have a kitchen scale.

Why Do My Cookies Seem To Require An Extra Few Minutes Of Baking Time?

First, check to make sure that your oven is heating correctly. You can do this by placing an oven thermometer inside your oven and heating the oven to 350 F. Watch to see that the oven thermometer registers the same temperature as your oven.

If the oven thermometer registers lower than the setting, increase the oven temperature by a few degrees. If the thermometer registers higher than the setting, remove the cookies a few minutes sooner.

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